Holista Colltech Limited (“HCT, “Holista”) refers to its announcements of 20 April 2020 and 7 May 2020 and wishes to announce that it has expanded it relationship with Eight Mercatus Pte Ltd (“Eight Mercatus”), a venture builder group based in Singapore. Holista and Eight Mercatus are collaborating on the application of Natshield™️ in industrial and commercial areas. The arrangement will be drafted into a formal agreement that will detail the commercial conditions between Holista and Eight Mercatus by the end of July.

Holista is already collaborating with Eight Mercatus to trial Natshield™️ as a plant-based, natural, alcohol-free and human-friendly disinfectant that is sprayed by Intelligent Sterilisation Robots (“ISR”) deployed in a leading Asian international airport. The ISRs are distributed by Time Medical Limited, an Eight Mercatus portfolio company, which enhance sterilisation by using a combination of ultraviolet light, 360 degree disinfection spray heads and 0.3um air filtering. The results for the tests at the Asian airport using Natshield™️ are expected to be ready by the end of July 2020.

Eight Mercatus has invested and managed portfolio companies involved in biomedical and healthcare sectors as well as deep technology and artificial intelligence. In recent weeks it has leveraged on its portfolio and network to offer breakthrough solutions to address the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Eight Mercatus has opened up many opportunities to offer Natshield™️ being developed by Holista. We are pleased to extend the relationship in collaborating with Eight Mercatus. This will accelerate global opportunities by leveraging on Eight Mercatus’ global network,” said Dr Rajen, Founder & CEO of Holista.

“We see huge potential for Natshield™️ to extend its applications beyond use as a hand sanitiser. We have commenced discussions with parties from Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, USA, Japan and UAE to use Natshield™️ to disinfect industrial and manufacturing facilities, office buildings, shopping malls, public spaces and mass transportation systems,” said Joanna Soh, Managing Director of Eight Mercatus.

Holista is global distributor of Natshield™️ which contains the Path-Away® active ingredient that has been tested by a leading U.K. bio-safety laboratory to be more than 99.99% effective against the feline coronavirus, a surrogate of the COVID-19 novel coronavirus.

Path-Away® was developed by Global Infection Control Consultants LLC headquartered in South Carolina, U.S.A. Holista distributes the sanitiser under the Natshield™️ trademark. This announcement has been approved for release by all members of the Holista Board.

About Holista CollTech Ltd

Holista CollTech Ltd (“Holista”) is a natural wellness company, the result of a merger between Holista Biotech Sdn Bhd and CollTech Australia Ltd. The company has 3 main divisions: - Dietary supplements and personal care- Food Ingredients - Ovine collagen Holista has a global collaboration with Path-Away®, a plant-based solution that is proven to kill a board spectrum of microbes. The all-natural alcohol-free solution is an active ingredient in Holista’s proprietary sanitiser, Natshield™️, that is sold in international markets. Listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (“ASX”), Holista researches, develops, manufactures and markets “health-style” products to address the unmet and evolving needs of natural medicine. Holista’s suite of ingredients includes low-GI baked products, reduced-sodium salts, low-fat fried foods and low-calorie sugar without compromising taste, odour and mouthfeel. Holista remains the only company to produce sheep (ovine) collagen using patented extraction methods.

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About Eight Mercatus

Eight Mercatus is a venture builder group based in Singapore. We provide a complete eco-system and growth platform to connect investors, corporates to the startups and scaleups community which could include fund raising and strategic advisory services in areas as deep tech development, patent, legal, mentorship, leadership, creative marketing and go to market strategies. Our team is backed by an experienced team of entrepreneurs who have been through the journey of building businesses and are operation and execution focused. We leverage on our local market know-how, business relationships in the region, our investor network to help companies scale their business fast. We have a strong network of partners in Asia Pacific, Europe and USA. Eight Mercatus has recently been appointed by Enterprise SG as an Accredited Mentor Partner for its SG Startup Founder Program in Singapore.

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