Dhanant Chatrakul Na Ayudhya
The Thailand Specialist

Dhanant is a member of the House of Chatrakul and a descendant of His Royal Highness Prince Chatra.

A descendant of His Royal Highness Prince Chatra, the Prince Kromma Muen Surintra Raksa, a son of His Majesty The King Phra Buddha Yoda Chulaloke (His Majesty The King Rama I). His Majesty King Rama I was the founder of Rattanakosin Kingdom and the first monarch of the reigning Chakri Dynasty, Dhanant was born into a Thai diplomatic family in Germany.

He grew up trilingual, namely in German, English and Thai. After spending over 2 decades overseas and completion of his college degrees in Marketing and Finance from the University of Maryland, he decided to move back to Thailand.

He has over decades of management and strategic planning experiences in the private and government sectors, which includes e-commerce industries, real estate, tourism, government policy and planning, and energy sectors.