Cheong Hian Soh
The Investment Guru

Cheong Hian’s vast knowledge makes him an esteemed mentor, not just for financial and strategic positioning, but also in AI and data mining technology development.

In his 20-year career, Cheong Hian had helped to manage investment funds upwards of S$1b and successfully nurtured a company from a start-up to a public listing in Australia.

In the recent years, Cheong Hian has been involved with several technology and fashion e-commerce start-ups. As co-founder of, an online luxury e-commerce platform for discounted designer goods (created in partnership with Singapore Post Limited), he was instrumental in the strategic positioning, financial planning and technology development of the company.

As a hobby, he lectures at universities including the University College Dublin, Ireland and Murdoch University, Australia, helping to mould young minds in finance and data mining. Following the motto, “You can still teach an old dog new tricks,” he is picking up new skills such as speaking Japanese, programming in Python and modelling financial markets through AI techniques.