Think of us as your angel partner
It's more than fundraising

Sure, it’s great to get funding from angel investors, but beyond the initial seed capital, companies require a lot of nurturing for healthy growth. We hope to work hand-in-hand with you to create the company of your dreams, which is also why…

We want to work with visionaries
Every idea starts with a thought

Visionaries see how much better things can be. They anticipate needs, create their own opportunities and are deeply passionate about their projects. We could disrupt the marketplace, but we'd rather be building a better world.

Humans first
It's all about the people

We believe that your personal well-being is essential to the healthy functioning of your company. Burnout is no badge of honour! Creating a work culture that optimises personal health leads to increased productivity and creativity, which can only fuel your company’s success. Beyond that, we also look to address the needs of our investors — making sure everyone is well-taken care of creates a wholesome ecosystem that can support sustainable growth, for people and for companies.

We’re good listeners
We want to hear all about your dreams

We want to help you create the company that matches your unique vision, so tell us all about it. The more we understand, the better we can tailor-fit our services to your needs. From legal advice to technological frameworks, we will provide you with exactly what you need. We don’t just stop there — we listen to our investors as well to ensure that they are a good match for a specific start-up, because complementary matches make for better working relationships.

We’re invested in your success
It's about winning together

And we don’t just throw money at problems. This is why our team is dedicated to guiding you every step of the way. We’re here to listen, to mentor, to nurture. Our partnership with Innovation House in Finland also provides the ideal gateway between Asia and Europe, so if you’re looking to succeed across continents, we’ve got you covered. How handy is that?

You’re the sum of your environment
You are in good company

We’re not talking about conducive work spaces, or coffee machines (although… we have those too, of course!) but the people that you surround yourself with. Here at Eight Mercatus, we seek to work with companies which are aligned with our values and ethos. So when you work with us, you can be assured that you’re in good company.

We work hard together and play hard together
It's all work, it's all play

Haven’t you heard? Some of the best ideas come to us during our downtime, so put aside time for some fun already. More play time = Happier, healthier and more inspired individuals, who can go the distance. Who said play time was just for kids?

We are in it for the long-haul

Ready to go the distance with us? We’re into sustainable growth (not rapid-scaling, fast-perishing business models), so if that’s your thing, do get in touch with us!