FogClean™️ Ultrasonic Dry Fogging System


Sanitization and disinfection products are only as good as how well they come in contact with the pathogen(s) they are intended to control or eliminate. This part of the equation has been revolutionized through the FogClean™ system developed by Mr. Richard Posner at Dust Solutions Inc., a forward-thinking engineer whose primary field is dust suppression in areas such as the mining industry.

Advantages of the System
Better surface area coverage

Creates microscopic sized droplets for better surface area coverage

Optimal contact with pathogens

Droplet size allows for best contact with airborne pathogens

No residue

No residue left behind on surfaces

Electrostatically charged without using batteries

Creates electrostatically charged particles without the need for electronics or batteries

Droplet size control

Enables user to control the droplet size via small regulation to achieve wetter or drier fog

Maximum coverage with minimal resources

Uses minimal amount of solution to achieve coverage due to the smaller droplet sizes

How it works

Fog-Clean™ systems allow the best contact with airborne pathogens or bacteria due to the droplet size of the fog. The ability of the fog to “float” rather than quickly fall due to gravitational effects ensures enough time to attach to like-sized airborne particles and allows the most complete coverage in, on, around, under and over any contaminated or potentially contaminated surface.

The system uses minimal amount of solution to achieve maximum coverage due to the smaller droplet size and less liquid residue, helping reduce costs in the long run. A typical 150 square foot room (13 square meters) can be filled in less than 50 seconds, using approximately 0.07 gallons (0.26 litres) of solution. For perspective, a 10,000 square foot facility can be completely sanitized in approximately one hour, using 4.75 gallons (18 litres) of solution.

NatShield™️ with the FogClean™️ System

Combining NatShield™ (featuring the Path-Away Anti-Pathogenic Aerosol Solution®) and the FogClean™ fogging system can produce a disinfectant fog with tremendous anti-pathogenic sanitization properties. This breakthrough combination is now available for a myriad of commercial applications including offices, gyms, schools and homes.

Its potential applications are limited only by your imagination.



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