Autonomous Disinfection Robot

Sterilisation Robot

We all want to keep our families, employees and customers safe. The physical presence of an Intelligent Sterilization Robot (ISR) reassures communities that they are in a safe environment and positions you as a leader in your industry for health and safety.

Give people the confidence to work, travel and play in your spaces.


The world’s first intelligent robot which has integrated both UVC disinfection and vaporization spray in one high tech unit.

Flexible deployment in multiple situations:
a) UVC only b) vaporizer spray only c) both UVC and vaporizer spray.

Wide disinfectant coverage: 5m diameter and 3m height.

Works autonomously and repeatedly once mapping and tasks are assigned, also manual control if needed.

Excellent obstacle avoidance and re-routing to avoid collisions (elevator access optional)

Safe to deploy in crowds depending on the choice of disinfectant being used (we recommend the 100% plant-based NatShieldTM)

Disinfects an unparalleled 15,000 square feet in just 3 hours, for >90% disinfection efficacy (UVC+Spray)

Cost efficient disinfectant usage: 800ml per hour

Charge-time is 2.5hrs and run-time is 3-10hrs depending on the mode

CE, TGA (Australia)

Deployed in Hong Kong International Airport
and more than 300 hospitals in China

The ISR disinfection robot is designed specifically for use in hospital and clinical environments to disinfect environmental air and subject surfaces. It can autonomously sterilize up to 99.99% of pathogens and viruses in the air and on object surfaces using ultra-violet light (UVC), 360-degree disinfection vaporizer spray heads and 0.3um air filtering (HEPA). The sterilization process can take as little as 10 minutes.

ISRs have been deployed in Hong Kong International Airport and more than 300 hospitals in mainland China (especially in Wuhan, the epicentre of the COVID-19 outbreak).

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Clinically and Field Test Certified

The ISR is clinically and field tested and verified to kill 99.99% of all bacteria and disinfect in 10 mins (5m x 5m area). Rapid mode is also available to obtain a 95% disinfection rate under 6 mins.


- UVC: WS/T 367 - A.3.1.2, GB19258
- Disinfectant Spray heads: WS/T 367 -
- Air Filter: GBT 18801-2015-5 / HEPA


CE, TGA (Click on links to download certificates)

NatShield™ with the ISR

The choice of disinfectant is extremely important. The ISR when used in conjunction with the 100% plant-based NatShield™ disinfectant ensures safe deployment in crowds and high traffic areas. This further enhances its usability in multi-environments, as well as the ability to autonomously and consistently maintain a high level of disinfection efficacy at all times.

Successful Installation:
A Hong Kong International Airport

See the ISR in action in HKIA in the video below.

Successful Installation:
Hospitals and Clinics

A range of clinical applications and disinfection efficacy results below.



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